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About Us
About Us

About Us

Nai Fong Food Trading Pte Ltd
is a food production company in Singapore established in 1984.
Specializing in the production of meatballs (including pork, beef, etc.),
Seafood balls (eg: sotong, shrimp), shiitake mushroom balls, seaweed balls and special processed meat products.

We have accumulated decades of valuable experience with modern technology, and our strengths are food technology, ensure product quality consistency and compliance with food safety standards.
In terms of food technology, our heavily invested facility is equipped with an on-site rapid freezing system (IQF),
Make the freshness of food get the best preservation effect.
The pursuit of excellence in quality in exchange for high praise from our customers,
is one of the secrets of our success.

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We have a professional team, including product development, quality assurance, control, and so on.
The operation of each department and the manufacturing process of each production line are fully supervised to ensure stable high quality.
Adhere to the use of real materials, to bring the best food quality to each customer, 

We are very proud of this.

Food safety is a core priority value of our company,
This is one of the driving forces behind the reputation our company has built since 1984.
In order to maintain food safety standards, the company regularly signs food safety handling skill strengthening courses.
All factory employees have qualified food hygiene assessment and regularly participate in food production safety program improvement training.
Our routine includes vehicle cleaning, equipment sanitation and on-site sanitation maintenance checks.
We continue to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at our production sites.

Nai Fong Food Trading Pte Ltd
Scored for the internationally recognized ISO22000:2005 and HACCP certifications, and has a BizSafe3 certificate of conformity.


About our Director

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Managing Director Mr. Dino Lim Teik Soon
Regarded by many in the industry as having a strong passion for cooking and a highly innovative vision.
Serving the catering industry has always been his family business, and they like to bring satisfaction and joy to friends and customers through delicious food.
At a young age, Mr. Dino Lim Teik Soon often helped out at his parents' seafood restaurant, where he learned to prepare ingredients and food.
Mr. Dino Lin Teik Soon loves to learn and explore various cultural cuisines in Asia,
He traveled to many countries (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Indonesia, etc.),
He often communicates with different chefs, and constantly discusses with many friends in the catering industry, and has mastered various food industry processing technologies and traditional food processing knowledge.
In 2011, he opened the first professional food R&D processing service in Singapore,
It is mainly a convenient and simplified food preparation solution for restaurants, food court stalls, and catering chain stores.
Efficiently achieve food taste and quality consistency, and the most important thing is to meet the food hygiene and safety standards.
In recent years, he has further improved the quality and preservation requirements of the products,upgrade the production line to rapid freezing, high temperature sterilization and upgrade to modern technology.
Production was redesigned to an automated production scale, enabling consistent mass production.
In addition to the "Double Dolphin" brand, we have also successfully launched these brands in Singapore,
The names are "Chun Hong" (raw / marinated processing) and "Zheng Wei" (cooked food processing).
With one goal, Mr Lim hopes that every family in Singapore and other countries can
Enjoy high quality and hearty food at affordable prices.

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Ready to Serve
Ready to Serve

Handmade Meat Products

Traditional fried and cooked meat products.
Various flavors of pork balls, squid balls, beef balls, chicken balls,

Handmade five-spice shrimp rolls, and so on.

All kinds of delicate handmade foods, perfect for hot pot ingredients.

Especially suitable for hot pot gatherings and family gatherings.

Ready to Cook
Ready to Cook

Preservation Processing and Raw Food Handling

Innovative techniques for producing processed goods
Various meat processing methods such as slicing, dicing, and cutting into pieces.

Combined with specific ingredients, spices, and seasoning, a variety of flavors of preserved processed products are launched, 

including Korean, Japanese, Chinese cuisine, and Southeast Asian flavors.
Suitable for Korean BBQ hot pot, Sichuan hot pot, hotels and restaurants, stir-frying, and fried rice dishes.

Ready to Eat
Ready to Eat

Cooked Food Processing

High-temperature cooked food processing and high-temperature sterilization for room temperature storage
A diverse range of gourmet dishes are cooked using methods such as braising, stewing, simmering, and frying.
Convenient for enjoying delicious dishes anytime.
Especially suitable for small restaurants, family banquets, and gift-giving.

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