Easiest Way To Cook | Black Pepper Pork Chop

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[STAR CHEF] Easiest way to cook Black Pepper Pork Chop


Another favourite combination of Star Chef’s sauce and fried series!! Our Fried Mini Pork Chop is a hit with kids as the mini size fits perfectly in their small mouth with just two cuts. Not to mention, their smaller appetite. Black pepper pork chops are a classic Chinese dish that is both easy to make and absolutely delicious. The Black Pepper flavour is just nice for one and all, whether you are young or just young at heart!! In this recipe by Star Chef, you'll learn how to create tender and juicy pork chops that are infused with the bold flavors of black pepper and other savory seasonings.


300g Fried Mini Pork Chop
100g Black Pepper Sauce
30g Curry Leaf
30g Red Onion
20g Garlic
50g Butter

Here's how to do it:

1. Slice the onion and garlic
2. Destem the curry leaves

3. Add our fried mini pork chops into either Air Fryer or Deep Fryer. For Air Fryer, set temperature to 180°C for 10 mins.
    If using Deep Fryer, only need 1 to 2 mins at 180°C
4. Melt the Butter after the saucepan is heated up
5. Mix & cook the sliced garlic, red onions and curry leaves
6. Add in our signature black pepper sauce until it boils
7. Pour in the ready fried pork chop and mix well with the sauce
8. Ready to be plated

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